Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Street Treasures: Stringing from a Tree

If you've ever visited New York City after Christmas, you know it is the land of crispy, crunchy, needle-dropping pine trees stacked along the side of the road waiting to be picked up and, hopefully, mulched.But having lived here for many years, I know that's most likely not the case. Instead, they'll be tossed into a garbage trunk with all the stinky detritus that New Yorkers rid themselves of every day.

I don't let the reminders of a holiday gone by bother me too much, but the dead trees do make me a little sad, except for the other day. As I made my way across Eighth Street in the Village,  passed a tree hat should have been thrown out two weeks ago -- maybe even three. The owner must have been in such a rush to get it out the door that in his or her haste, a tiny ornament was left hanging among remnants of golden tinsel on a brownish and brittle, fire-hazard of a branch.

At first I didn't recognize its form, but as I leaned down, I realized it was a miniature violin, reminding me of when I played the stringed instrument in high school. I quickly reached down and plucked the treasure from where it hung, dropped dropped in my coat pocket and took it home to maybe hang it on next year's tree or enjoy it on my coffee table all year round.

Thanks for letting me string you along!

The Elegant Thrifter

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