Thursday, July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Living Estate of Master Michael Quinn

Photograph of Michael Quinn in 2007 by Jim Franco
It’s hard to believe that it was eight years ago when I started creating "The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating...," which was released in 2009. While it was not a financial success for me, it was a huge payoff in the number of truly amazingly creative people who helped me with my labor of love and the friendships I made that endure to this day.

One of the most talented characters I encountered during my pursuit of "The Find" and who remains among my closest friends is Michael Quinn. My editor at Clarkson Potter wanted me to meet a creative pal of hers. She wasn’t quite sure exactly why, but she thought there might be some synergies that I might be able to tap into and passed me Michael’s number, so I gave him a call.

When I told him what I was working on, he was eager to set a time to meet in person. Convenient for both of us, Whole Foods on Houston Street was to be our meeting spot. Neither of us had any inkling of what the other looked like, but we decided we would just know. On the day of our get-together, I installed myself and my computer at an upstairs table and sipped a glass of iced tea while waiting for the person I was certain to recognize.

Lots of handsome young men walked by on that summer afternoon, but it wasn’t until one wearing a headband whisked by that my attention was piqued. THAT must be Michael, I thought. He certainly didn't see me, so I called him on the mobile: “Are you the guy who just walked past my table wearing a headband?” It was, and the rest is history.

For the entertaining section of "The Find," Michael and his friends created a memorable indoor tailgate party in his Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, apartment, incorporating many of their unique vintage wares. The images from the party are some of my favorite in the book, and our friendship has grown over the years along with Michael’s cache of his own thrifty finds. His apartment is so full of treasures that he has chosen my Etsy shop to sell off a selection of relics that made their way into the pages of "The Find."

Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll share stories and pictures of these objects right here at The Elegant Thrifter, but until then, click here to visit my Etsy shop to enjoy - and even purchase - the offerings in "TheLiving Estate of Master Michael Quinn."

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter

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