Monday, December 3, 2012

The Object of My Desire: Give Me a Ring

Even though people laugh at me for keeping it and the only people who reach me on it are robo calls and Citibank, my land line is still hooked up. Yes, I use my mobile phone as much as everyone else, and even my parents know that when they want to reach me they call the cell. That said,  I can't seem break with the thought of having a line dedicated solely to making and receiving phone calls.

The other reason I keep my hard connection is that even when all the power goes out, electricity still flows through the phone line. It only works in a power outage, however, if you have an old-fashioned phone where the handset is connected to a base with a cord; mobile models won't work. I learned this lesson well during Sandy when absolutely nothing worked for a week: no mobile, no Internet; no lights and no phone, since the one I was using connected remotely to its base.

That's what sent me shopping on Etsy to find a phone that reminded me of the one I had in my bedroom when I was a teen. It was a model similar to this, except that it had a rotary dial. I saw plenty of those, too, but I decided to trade up to this model made by AT&T in 1989.

This orange-ish relic from the past is now all hooked up in my bedroom and ready to ring, and unlike a mobile phone, it cradles nicely between the ear and the shoulder without burning my ear or cramping my arm.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. ha ha ha I love it and I love that it's a dusty rose color. My parents still have a landline and I use that number anytime I have to give my number to someone other than friends (like companies who ask for a number.)

  2. Out at the Casablanca Cell reception is scarce, so to keep guest, friends, and parents of guests and friends happy I keep a land line. For 66 years the Casablanca had never had or been wired for telephone until 4 years ago. I have a black rotary wall phone in the kitchen, and a newer cordless model that We can carry out into the Drive-In. Your 1989 model looks like a champ!

  3. i love this color, i have some in green....regards

  4. Oh Stan, the memories of chatting to high school friends on phones like that! I bought a repro that hangs in our kitchen but it is so light it doesn't disconnect properly when you hang up. Love the look though. I will keep hunting for just the right vintage one to replace it. Nothing like that weighty receiver in your hand to let you know you are connected! Tucked between shoulder and chin it is the first hands free phone, haha.

  5. Pam, Etsy is the place to go! I saw so many phones of great quality and fair price that I had a hard time choosing. Stan



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