Friday, February 24, 2012

You Spin Me

If you've wondered why I've been so quiet this week, it's because I'm in Los Angeles getting ready to assist Jonathan Jacobs, The Vintage DJ, as he takes the stage to spin live during The Academy Awards' Governors Ball. Yes, I'm pinching myself. And no, I won't give your phone number to George Clooney! Below is a little post I did last year when I first heard Jonathan in action.

A couple of weekends when we met interior designer Jonathan Legate for brunch at Vbar in the East Village, I had no idea that we would also be in for vintage entertainment of the vinyl kind. But there he was, Jonathan Jacobs, The Vintage DJ , spinning a retro set on his two Audiotronics Classroom record players from the 1950s. And these low-tech electronics continue to emit a warm electronic aroma just like the one I remember from first grade.

Now I know whom I'll be booking for the next Elegant Thrifter gathering! You will, too, once you check out his video at

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter

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  1. Right round baby right round...Couldn't resist. Wow Stan, what fun! I can't wait to hear about this latest adventure! Have a wonderful time, Pam



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