Monday, January 2, 2012

The Object of My Desire: Past Perfect

As you know, I love anything that reminds me of Paris, and that's why I particularly like this post from the past.

It's impossible for me to pass an Eiffel Tower in a New York shop window without snapping its picture to remind me of my favorite city on earth. This tower, which appears to be made of metal, wire and light bulbs, stands proudly in the Alan Moss Studios, projecting  stately Parisian grandeur from its glorious perch.

Combined with the malachite-green wall and the gold framed mirrors, I was immediately reminded of the legendary interior, movie-set and jewelry designer Tony Duquette, a man who I think would have happily raided an 99-Cent Store for window props or trolled the beach for washed up detritus and turned them into glowing decorative accessories.

In the most recent Tony Duquette book, "More is More," by Hutton Wilkinson, it tells how the designer once made mandalas out of "strips and thongs from rubber sandals, horseshoes, seashells, nut shells, bits of a white plastic wastepaper basket, strands from a dismantled gold plastic purse and metal juice squeezers."

Now I'm most certain that this is not a Dollar Store creation, being that it is twinkling in the vitrine of one of New York City's most pricy antiques stores. Even so, this glamorous Eiffel Tower shows how a shimmery finish of gold and a sparkly addition of carefully places lighting can turn the simplest looking materials into a world-class attraction.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. That book sounds fabulous and I'm going to Amazon to check it out. Why don't you create a similar eiffel tower? I used to have a big iron tower from Z Gallery that was $40. Then use small christmas lights with the wire painted black. Maybe? I love Paris too!



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