Monday, January 23, 2012

The Object of My Desire: Freshly Picked

I love it when my favorite garage sale pal from LA, Ruth Handel, comes to town, giving me an excuse to wander around like a tourist and take in the city from a whole new perspective. As thrift karma would have it (and I have been very good this year!), I discovered a listing for an estate sale on lower Fifth Avenue, and of course we trudged our way through the snow just a few blocks away to see what we might find.

What we saw blew both our minds. The gracious, three-bedroom apartment was packed with the belongings of a well known decorative artist, and Ruth and I sifted for three glee-filled hours through what appeared to be a lifetime of craft-making.

This is just a sampling of Ruth's finds, all waiting contently in my apartment until shipment to her home in Los Angeles. Along with the vintage macrame materials, a children's drawing book from the 1940s and an antique Singer sewing box, you can see the artist's decoupage boxes sitting inside a carton once used to carry a peck of tomatoes.

It's raining in New York today, making the idea of a trip to the post office quite unappealing. So until the weather clears -- and I find the appropriate box --  I'll enjoy Ruth's treasures for a few days longer and remember her much-too-brief visit to New York City.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. What fun! It's always such a thrill to find a goldmine like that. My daughter and SIL found a similar cache of furniture on an out-of-state buying trip over the weekend, and we're equally gleeful.

  2. ahh that's so wonderful! I love stumbling upon estate/yard/tag sales and finding such great items! They look simply fantastic!

  3. Those are WONDERFUL finds!! And what a lovely 3 hours that would have been. Did I tell you I am staying with you whenever I finally get back to NY? ;)



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