Friday, January 13, 2012

The Gift of Thrift: Name Recognition

When shopping for the Gift of Thrift, the opportunities of offering a personalized present are endless. Take, for instance, these Stanhome pressed aluminum coasters from the 1950s that my sister snapped up at an estate sale and gave me for Christmas. Can you imagine a better home for them than mine?

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. What a useful thrifted gift that incorporates your name is such a clever way! When I was growing up, Stanley Home Products (and their hostess parties) were a part of everyday life.

  2. Aren't they fantastic? My sister always gives me the best Gift of Thrift!

  3. I gave many thrifted pieces to my family for the holidays and I love the fact that each item was special and something that could not be found in a big box store. Love your blog and make a point to read each new post. Thanks for so many lovely stories throughout the years.

  4. That is really amazing and interesting post i have found early in morning thanks for posting.



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