Monday, October 24, 2011

The Object of My Desire: Keep It Clean!

A unified theme in displaying a collection can mean the difference of having a vignette that looks planned and curated and one that belongs in a garbage bag. This arrangement of vintage household products that a friend snapped while in North Carolina is witty and colorful, while also playing up an obsession with cleanliness that can reach battle-like proportions.

I remember some of these goods, like Jubilee Kitchen Wax on the bottom shelf,  from my grandmother's house. Its label suggests a celebratory act of waxing floors. I also remember the Niagara starch, with a cool promise of crisp linens, and Lava, a gritty hand soap that if you weren't careful would not only remove the paint from your hands, but also the skin.

On the bottom shelf, there's the Bee Brand of insecticide shampoo, a product I definitely do NOT remember. Kids have lice? Why, turn it into a pleasant bonding experience, thanks to this useful (and probably toxic) concoction. Finally, on the top shelf, there's another container with which I'm unfamiliar, but its packaging speaks to the mood of its times: Atomic -- an ominous foam cleaner whose name implies that it would wipe out about anything anything in sight.

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