Monday, October 31, 2011

The Object of My Desire: France On My Mind

My love of all things French began in elementary school when an eccentric sixth grade teacher started teaching French to her pupils. She had my full attention as she taught basic phrases and how to count. In my spare time and at recess, I listened to records in French that had conversations that to a 12-year-old sounded other worldly. One phrase I remember was "Je n'ai pas eu le plaisir," which means, "I haven't had the pleasure!"

My passion for this romance language intensified during high school where I was lucky to study under an outstanding and outgoing teacher, Madame Sunderland. Madame was the most French person I had ever met -- even though she was clearly American. Her standards were high, and her classes were lively definitely not a class to doze in! You never knew when Madame would direct her gaze toward you and ask you to to conjugate an obscure verb tense or complete the next phrase in a dialogue!

Even though I went to the University of Missouri to study journalism, I took a French course every semester, and then spent one of the my most transformative years at the University of Bordeaux. When I left for France, it was only the second time I had ever been on a plane and the first time I'd  been outside the United States. I was 20, soon to turn 21, and the Air France flight felt like a glamorous vessel headed to a destiny of my dreams. I got choked up the moment I arrived at Charles de Gaulle, for there was something that made me feel like I was, in a way, at home. Walking the streets of Paris before boarding a bus to Bordeaux seemed to me far from foreign, even though my attempts to speak the language were met with, "Eh???"

I think of France every day, so you can imagine how touched I was when I received a package of French postcards in the mail from my dear friend,  The Vintage Laundress, LeAnn Stephenson. And to that surprise Gift of Thrift, I say merci beaucoup!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Quel magnifique cadeau! Vous avez beaucoup de chance!

  2. Happy late birthday you marvelous creature - I'm so glad you got them! much love to you, the Laundress



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