Friday, September 9, 2011


I was here when it happened, and I will never forget.

From the Paul Smith windows on Fifth Avenue.

-- The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Oh you were so close, you must have seen and heard so much...I visited ground zero in 2005. It gave me chills. Even though I was far away, in Canada, I will never forget either. It was all so surreal...

  2. It was a bright, beautiful New York City day just like today that quickly turned into one of the darkest days in world history.

  3. I was walking to the Aveda Institute on Spring Street that morning when I stopped to gawp at the first burning tower. As I stood there still trying to register what was happening, the second plane hit, but from where I was standing, I didn't know it was a plane, all I saw was the explosion.

    You are right, it was one of the darkest days, and I will never, ever forget.

  4. I was in the locker room in my gym in midtown when the guys in the locker room started talking about a little plane that hit the World Trade Center. When I reached 6th Avenue and 40th, everyone was gazing downtown. I still didn't know what had happened until I got to my office and realized everybody was in a conference room watching it happen live. I was able to reach my parents at work, tell them I loved them, and evacuated the building. I walked as far west as I could, because in Midtown the rumor was that a plane was headed for the Empire State Building, and then made it home to my apartment in Chelsea. It didn't quite sink in then, and still feels unreal today.



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