Monday, May 2, 2011

The Object of My Desire: French Doors

Here is from a post I shared a while back about door that opened up a world of imagination and history.

A treasure can be almost anything that has a soul -- something that has lived a life full of memories and brings to the present its regal provenance or scintillating story. Or this glorified object might just be so inspiring in its presence that whatever history woven around it-- imagined or real -- is fulfilling solely for its charm and inspiration.

That's the kind of object I stumbled upon when I met the enchanting Emilie-Marie who runs a jewel of a home design shop in West Palm Beach, Florida.

I could tell that Emilie was genuinely intriguing, especially when I saw this door leaning against the wall behind her sales counter. (Never mind the fire extinguisher in the photo. I was so fixated on the door when I shot this image that I didn't even notice it hanging there!)

I gasped as I laid my gaping eyes on a logo that appeared to be those of Marie-Antoinette, and could barely contain my excitement as Emilie told me the story of how she found four doors in France that called her name. She explained that since everything at Versailles had been
destroyed on the fabled queen's demise, it's almost impossible to authenticate them as much as she has tried.

While the signature details -- the intertwined initials and the flourishes that surround them, are spot-on for identifying them, no sketches of them exist, nor is there any historical data that places them 100 percent in the royal residence. Whether they are actually Marie-Antoinette's doors is up in the air, but she has been able to date them back to the same era as the queen, and either way they conjure up dreamy imagery of the royal court of Versailles.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. I Want This.
    And I love your eloquence about treasures & all the lives they've seen. Just imagine the hands that touched the panels of this wood... the bodies that passed through, the atmosphere they absorbed.
    You were my muse today Stan. Thank you!

  2. Stan, the detail in the carving, etc., is enough to make anyone appreciate this door. I love that you got so excited at seeing it. It's a good feeling to be passionate about something. Great post. I love the writing.

  3. How disappointing it must be to have a find like that and not be able to authenticate it.

  4. Oh, what an absolutely stunning door! I have an obsession with doors and I would totally have bought this too! Let's just leave it to the imagination that yes, many moons ago, Marie-Antoinette passed through that door...

  5. Agree with all of the above--doors captivate me. I used free shutter, and bi-fold doors, from Craigslist to cover an entire dining room wall. Painted in New Orleans blue, and soft greige, they delight me, as well as act as sound mufflers from the next unit. Marie's door would muffle my neighbors', "Let them eat cake"? Mon Dieu, that door is sacred.



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