Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Find: Kitchen Confidential

When we arrived to photograph John Derian's Lower-East-Side apartment for The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating with Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details, this renown decoupage artist had just returned from Provincetown and had rushed around early that warm summer morning to get his living space camera-ready. Here's a peak into Derian's kitchen as photographed by Jim Franco. Note the cut-out kitties found at a flea market hanging on a wall that is cracked and mottled, a dreamy imperfection that only adds to its charm.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. I WANT those kitten cut-outs! NOW! Can you tell us more about them...what flea market he found them out, how long ago, and how much $$$? Also, was he able to get a backstory on them, such as: "My grandkids made them in a fall-out shelter during the Kennedy admin?" I LOVE the whole look!

  2. John said he knew nothing about them and that he found them at Brimfield. As for how much he paid, I didn't feel like it was appropriate to ask. We took this photo almost four years ago, so his discovery had to have been before that.

  3. Thanks. I understand about the $$$ question, lol; thought it may have come up in the conversation. I've never been to Brimfield, but I've heard it's wonderful. Hope to get to Renniger's this weekend--big antique fair going on. I will certainly be on the lookout for something as wonderful as this! It's a great shot, too.

  4. oh just found you, and your blog makes me feel happy, you shows different and creative iamges..i like a lot,,I wish you a happy day..and I just became your follower..//Marie

  5. Its nice to see this type of creativity. Good job keep it up.



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