Monday, January 3, 2011

The Object of My Desire: KC Masterpieces

Kansas City is full of architectural charm, and here are two historic centerpieces that I've visited since I was a kid growing up in Independence, Missouri. I took these photos from my spectacular view on New Year's Eve in my corner room in the 1970s-fab Crown Center Hotel -- now a Westin property.

Union Station, above, built in 1914, reached its peak in travel history during World War II. I remember visiting the station in high school and looking for the bullet holes allegedly left in the wall during the 1933 Union Station Massacre where legendary mobster Frank Nash was gunned down. Renovated in 1999 and now a tourist destination, the building glimmers on into a new century, celebrating the glory days of train travel.

Right across the road is another revitalized site -- The Liberty Memorial, which is the only World War I museum in the United States. I remember going to its top when I was in third grade on a field trip to Hallmark's Crown Center. It closed in 1994 because of disrepair. It was then renovated and reopened 10 years later, and now stands proudly as a much-loved marker among the Kansas City skyline.

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  1. Lovely photos! I keep thinking I want to take Amtrak out your way. Our dream is to drive Route 66 in a rented vehicle, leave the vehicle in LA, and take a train back. We'll wave out the window as we pass!



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