Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Frugal Fun: It's a Strike!

For my nephew Grayson's third birthday, my sister chose a bowling alley on the historic Independence, Missouri Square for the location, and I was charged with making all the baked goods to roll with the theme.

My sister wanted cupcakes, so I turned them into bowling balls with brightly colored frosting and three chocolate chips to emulate the finger holes. And as a parting gift my mom and I made sugar cookies decorated shaped like bowling pins. Since we didn't have time to find the correct shape of cutters, my sister's husband made one by bending a piece of one-inch-wide flat metal into the shape we needed. Mom and I then cut them out, baked them, and got to decorating them with the age of the birthday boy -- three!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrfiter


  1. i love this idea, thank you. Happy New Year 2011 regards juergen

  2. So, so cute! I love the name Grayson too!

  3. What a clever idea! Happy Birthday to Grayson!
    Did you bowl?

  4. You bake! Wow are those cute, Stan.



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