Monday, December 27, 2010

The Object of My Desire: In the Cards

One of the highlights of my trip to Kansas City is a visit to Hall's, one of the remaining few specialty department stores in the United States. Owned by Hallmark, which calls Kansas City its home, the company celebrated 100 years of making greeting cards by using its own nostalgic imagery to make the holiday ornaments that decorate its two stores -- one in Crown Center and the other on the Country Club Plaza not far away.

If you are worried that the creative team chopped up 100 years worth of vintage charm, I was assured that instead, they scanned the festive scenes from their archives to craft them into wreaths, garlands, fanciful fashion and trees, all gloriously displayed throughout the stores and in their windows. Even though Christmas is passed, I'm contemplating taking all the cards I've collected each season and turning them into a tree for next year.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. My cards become next year's tags. I've also used cards to top gifts from my kitchen; jams, Mixes in a Jar, etc. It's an easy and frugal way to reuse those lovely holiday greetings!

  2. LOVE your blog! And I also LOVED your book...very inspiring! Wishing you a beautiful New Year filled with joy, love and happiness! Look forward to reading more...xo...deb

  3. I have used cards as tags and for scrapped images but what a wonderful idea! I am definitely going to save my cards now! Hope you Christmas was beautiful, Pam

  4. Oh my Stan, I just went Hall's website. I never knew the store existed. I will put Kansas City on my places to visit list. I have always wanted to see Curious Sofa and now Hall's too!!! Have a lovely week, Pam

  5. OOh but think about buying all those 75% off boxes of cards or cards at a garage/stoop sale.. my my there aren't enough hours in the day. I love the trees and the dresses.. thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the mention Stan! I'm glad you enjoyed decorations. We are still healing up from the paper cuts and hot glue burns-:)
    Crown Center Visual team
    Gina and Andrea



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