Monday, November 22, 2010

The Object of My Desire: Cold As Ice

The other day when I visited New York's Museum of Modern Art to view Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen with the fantastic Nova Scotian interior designer Jonathan Legate, we found that even though we grew up thousands of miles away from each other, our family eating routines were extremely familiar!

We recognized many of the same brands, shared a spirited chat over our likes and dislikes of canned foods and revisited our respective families' dining habits when traveling. (One meal out a day!) So when Jonathan spied these Tupperware Ice-Tups on a shelf in the middle of the exhibit, they brought back memories to us both.

My mom had a special recipe that consisted of mixing Kool-Aid with the same flavor of Jello for a frozen treat that retained its flavor longer. (Back then, Kool-Aid was almost considered a healthy alternative to sodas because Moms could control the amount of sugar they put in it!) But Jonathan's mum used neither: she simply used wholesome apple juice.

As we strolled these kitchens of years past, I got to thinking about the old Crock Pots that when I was a kid were the peak of innovation, the Mr. Coffees, which then were considered gourmet brewing machines, and the culture-changing microwave oven.

Both Jonathan and I prefer to live without one of these flash cookers, even though each of our moms uses them quite regularly. I gave mine away because it gobbles up too much counter space, and I really don't mind the extra minutes it takes me to warm something up on top of the stove or inside the oven.

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Always Frugal Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Stan! You simply have to post the ice pop recipe! That Tupperware sure brought back memories. We just got the plain old Kool aid pops. My mom wasn't big on the crock pot but we had a fabulous turquoise double oven that will always mean home cooking to me. Along with shag carpet in the kitchen which kind of gives me the creeps now that I am thinking about it. Thanks for sharing the memories here. Have a lovely , Pam

  2. Gee I meant have a lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I so enjoy your blog and am hoping to win your book!! (if not I will be buying it!) Hugs, Judi



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