Friday, November 5, 2010

The Gift of Thrift: Holiday Preparations

As the holidays approach, I've decided that both for my cards and for the majority of my gifts, I'm going to make my best efforts to use as much of what I already have on hand and supplement everything with a smattering of thrifted treasures. Of course, I'll save lots of money, but it's also a lot more fun for me to dream up individual gifts and yes, I do love a project!

For inspiration, I grabbed the 1970's Farm Journal Christmas Book that my sister gave me last Christmas and 1985's McCall's Cookie Collection that I found lying on the street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. When I started rummaging through my drawers in search of something to mark my favorite pages, I discovered a little sign that I might be on the right mission: the cheery, tree-shaped Post-It Notes that you can see attached to the pages above.

While I'm still in my planning stages, I can assure that these guys will make an appearance somewhere, and of course, there will be lots of glitter! Lots!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Hi Stan!
    We are on the same wave length this year! I will also try to use what I have on hand...which of course is way too much! I think my family won't mind at all and will probably be relieved to see I'm actually starting to part with my stuff! I'm off to Silver Bella next week and am sure I will be getting into the glitter groove then!
    Take care, Laura

  2. Oh - we grew up with that Farm Journal Christmas Book!! Their sugar cookie recipe remains my favorite to this day. I am SO looking forward to decorating and baking for Christmas, and finding vintage Christmas decor at thrift stores is possibly my favorite thing in the world!

  3. Store bought gifts are nice and I certainly appreciate them, but I LOVE receiving something handmade. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be wonderful, Stan!

  4. Hey! Found you via Google Searching... I'm on the same wavelength as you, and panicking. I"m so worried that the people close to me, friends, any even customers aren't going to dig my frugal attempts to use what I have on hand to create special gifts, or package/decorate my sales to reflect the Holidays. I wish you the best, and I'll be sure to check back in to see yer progress.

    Take Care and Good Luck,

    Omi S. and Bender Oak at

  5. I'm in the process of planning what to make this year as Christmas gifts. I love your Hooch Bag idea (that you tweeted about today), and I may just have to visit my local Goodwill and check out the pocketbooks. Happy creating!



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