Monday, October 4, 2010

The Object of My Desire: The Right Type

My dad, like my sister, is an excellent typist. As an elementary school principal, it seemed that his work was never done. He often brought home papers to sift through, forms to fill out and ditto sheets to type up, the latter of which he expertly cranked out at what seemed like the speed of light with rarely an error. When he didn't bring home an electric typewriter from his school, he would pull out a Smith Corona that looked almost exactly like this one and start typing away.

I took this photo recently while thrifting in New Jersey and was amazed at how this little machine looked just like Dad's. Dad purchased his when he was in college and then passed on to me when I went off to school. I'm not as skilled a typist as my dad, but I certainly wrote my share of term papers and journalism assignments on that old typewriter. And I used a lot of White Out, too!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Hey! Just wanted to spread the word about my new blog where I document all the great clothing I find at Goodwill! :)

  2. I had a grey smith corona... what memories.. love those old typewriters... (and plenty of white out)!

  3. Ah, I love old typewriters...and your story :) I grew up in the PC age and only used an electric typewriter for fun briefly as a kid. I ponder where I can find some typewriter ribbon for old (formerly mom's) typewriter. I want to experience it!



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