Friday, August 6, 2010

The Gift of Thrift: In the Mail!

I must be among the few people I know who still looks forward to receiving mail.

I have friends who complain about the junk, the bills and all the other stuff that they find an annoyance. I, on the other hand, eagerly await the mailman to complete his sorting and place the arrivals in each apartment's individual box. I'm usually awaiting a check from a client, which when one finally arrives I feel like I've just won the lottery. (Don't get so excited. I don't charge that much!) And of course there are bills, which I put away as soon as I get back into the apartment, and junk mail, which I try to deposit in the recycling bin before returning to the apartment.

And then there are days like this one, when there's a note left with my doorman saying I have a package! I'd ordered nothing and wasn't expecting anything, but was thrilled when I saw the return address of my favorite garage saling pal Ruth Handel on the envelope. And wouldn't you know the contents would be the perfect lift on a day when my mailbox itself contained a junky catalog, an invitation to use one of my credit cards even more and a magazine that I don't even know why I receive. (No names!) Oh, and no checks.

It was a virtual library of everything I love inside one envelope: a paperback in French with many of its pages still uncut, an old library book about American fairs (How much fun I had with Ruth last year at the Los Angeles County Fair!) and a vintage Betty Crocker cookbook on how to bake with cake mixes.

Oh, she knows me well.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Oooh! I have that Betty book, too -- it's really the Betty bomb when it comes to fun cake. Try the 'top hats' -- lotsa fun, little effort. Hooray for mail!

  2. I still love getting mail! And I love to send it! I love old library books. I remember checking out The Thousand and One Nights and seeing that this same book was one of the originals printed and it showed someone had checked it out back in the 1930s! It was great.

  3. Don't you just love surprises? Wish that would happen to me!! Enjoy the books!

  4. sweet! i love getting little unexpected things in the mail! enjoy your loot and your weekend kind sir!

  5. OOOh i love mail. all of it. the colors of the mailers (even if i do throw them away). it will be a sad day when the mail service in this country stops. Happy for you that you had a nice surprise, those are the best.. love your blog.

  6. Is there anything cheerier than a cookbook? Okay, maybe a cookbook about cakes at the county fair. The nostalgic ones written for homemakers are nonpareil. Was going to give away my copy of The I Hate To Cook Book by Peg Bracken, but came to my senses.

  7. How fabulous to have a kind friend who knows you so well :-) Surprise packages are always the most fun! I love the woven seed catalogs.. too fun!

  8. It takes a little work, but you can opt out of the unwanted catalogs. I called the 800 numbers on each catalog and asked to be removed from mailing. Now, my mailbox receives mainly things I actually want to read.



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