Monday, July 26, 2010

The Object of My Desire: Screened In

I love the noise of an old-fashioned, screen door as it slaps against its frame and is sometimes pulled back into place by a rusty spring. I spotted this wooden door while location scouting on the Fire Island community of Saltaire, where the cottages have stood since the 1920s and many of the furnishings have been there for just as long.

There's something easy and inviting about the scene we peer upon through this screen: the soothing white walls, the unassuming piece of art tacked up on the wall and the relaxed feeling of calming striped bedding.

This room hints to me that it would be a cool and breezy spot to take a book on a hot summer's day. I can imagine lying there listening to the sounds of bicycles rolling along the boardwalk, the horn of a distant ferry as it pulls into the harbor or the caress of the waves that kiss the beach only a few yards away.

Doesn't that sound like a nearly perfect way to spend a summer afternoon?

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. I love screen doors also . It reminds me souvenirs in New York state . We don't them in France and you are right they make a special noise

  2. I have one of those old wood screen doors going out on a porch from my computer room. I have updated all the other doors in my home, but just cannot seem to get rid of this one. I to love the sound of it whipping shut. It reminds me of when I was little visiting my grandparents. Love your post. You always seem to bring memories to out mind!!!

  3. i love the white door with the green frame. Nice idea,thank you for this pictures regards

  4. Great photo. I reminds me of the screen door we had when I was a kid on the Jersey shore -- it had a really long spring that we liked to strum as if it was a cello.

    One of my favorite recent cookbooks is called "Screen Doors and Sweet Tea." The title is so evocative of those lazy hazy summer days.


  5. Wow,
    I never knew a screen door could mean so much.
    Au Revoir,

  6. As a kid, I used to take naps in front of the screen door, listening to the locusts, birds and neighborhood sounds.

  7. How right you are about the sound of a screen door. I guess because it evokes images of family around a large kitchen table with biscuits in the oven, homemade jam with pretty silver spoons waiting on the table with hot coffee and fresh milk. Yep all that from the sound of a screen door.

    Good night Elegant Gent,
    Good night Elizabeth,
    Good night John boy.

  8. Oh, give me a screen door like that on my dream farm house out in the country...or even my present brick tri-level in the city. Whatever. I think I had several of these in my past life and that must be why they have such an emotional pull on me. I just now heard that slap in my memory and the yearning bubbled to the surface all over again. That room is a place to nap in the cool shadows while the buzz of insects outside gives cadence to a hot summer day. It's a lovely door and an inviting room.

    Liz (aka Ninny)

  9. I love it. Love a screen door and love the idea of reading a book in that very room. Just finished "Party of the Century" about Truman Capote's famous "Black and White Ball", and I wish I had been reading it behind that screen door.

  10. count me in with the wooden screen door lovers... I'm moving shortly, and the front door has a great wood screen door and i have plans to add one between two rooms somewhere IN the house..



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