Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Find: New Connections

The best thing about having written The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating With Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details is the opportunity to meet all kinds of creative people, both those who have appeared within my book's pages and those who have found me because of them.

A while back, I found myself intrigued by a blog Hollywood Forever, Kevin, and shot off an email to its creator, Kevin H. Beers, an artist with an exquisite eye for all sorts of lovely and odd castoffs. I asked him for more photos of his magical Hollywood home, and here's one of the images he sent of a wooden secretary cram-packed with loose doll heads. (He told me that it's registered as an official work of art.)

Jump ahead a couple of months and I get an email from Kevin. He's coming to New York to help his newlywed niece decorate her new East Village apartment, so we decide to meet. After a day of lost phone numbers and messages left for every Stanley Williams in New York, Kevin found me and we decided to meet at New York's legendary Antiques Garage Flea Market. "Just look for a poor man's Richard Gere," Kevin told me.

I arrived pretty much on time, and a man who really did look like Richard Gere walks up to me and says, "You're gonna' look right at me and pretend you don't know me?" Well, it was Kevin!

We did a mad dash through the flea market, and then he had to get back to his decorating detail. But he has promised to send me photos of the apartment he decorated over a weekend with some coats of paint, a trove of thrifty treasures and hopefully some new lampshades!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Work of art or not, that's creepy!! :) I love Kevin's blog!

  2. i love kevin's blog too! also, i'm going to be in nyc labor day weekend. would you suggest i do hell's kitchen flea market or the antique garage? i've never been to either so i trust your opinion. i guess i could try to do both!

  3. Thanks Barbara, Your the funniest person on earth and now the most honest. I know because I read your blog. Yours truly, Creepy Kevin

  4. Kate,

    You can do both. The Garage won't take you much time to spin through, and the Hell's Kitchen market is not far away. Might I throw in a little visit to the Brooklyn Flea. FUN market even though I think the prices are a bit high! But Creepy Kevin thought the prices here were more reasonable than in LA. I, however, say you can't beat a good garage sale anywhere it may be! Next time you're in town, Kev, I'll introduce to another of my followers who goes by the name of Lurky.


  5. I love the doll head secretary!
    can't wait to see more....

  6. Hi Stan,

    I love the secretary filled with dolls' heads! It's one of those who-would-have-thought-of-it-but-someone-did sort of assemblages! I'm glad you and Kevin had an opportunity to meet. It sounds as if you had fun in the brief time you spent together.

    I'm enjoying The Find tremendously! You should, and must, be very proud of what you accomplished with its publication!

    Very best regards,

  7. thanks stan! i'm planning to follow your advice to a tee!

  8. I'm a fan of Kevin's and his blog steered me over here because it sounds like he's also a big fan of you. :) ....Glad I came. The doll head "trophy case" of Kevin's that you are featuring is genius! I'm looking forward to checking out "The Find". :) Pam @ Sallygoodin



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