Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reuse & Purpose:Planting Ideas

If you thought this scenario was witnessed on my visit to the Kansas City, Missouri, area earlier this week -- WRONG-O!

This urban planting option was offered by none other than a Brooklyn resident who had taken a split car tire and a claw-foot bathtub and turned them into stoop-side gardens.

I've seen my share of these displays in rural Missouri and Arkansas, but never in the middle of a big city. (Thank goodness there wasn't an old toilet in this mix!) Now my question to you: While certainly eye-catching and unexpected, do you find this tacky or terrific?

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous (and feeling a little terrifically tacky, too!)

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Why does it have to be "either or"? It's tacky AND terrific :)


  2. I am dreaming, about this claw foot bathtub in my hands to refinish it. LOL The tire is so Midwest, they must have had a road trip.

  3. We call it gas station landscaping.

  4. Love the tub, especially in the middle of the city. I'm sure it throws everybody off, something different, I'm all for it!

  5. I am afraid I'll have to say the tire is tacky and the bathtub could be beautiful, as a bathtub.
    Au Revoir,

  6. I for one think it is fantastic!

  7. Terrific, I tell you, beyond terrific. I'm tired of convention in the garden! A scene like this is a feast for the eyes, incredibly inspirational.

  8. Terrific! Love them both!
    The toilet would be tacky... and so "redneck"! lol!

  9. I love it.Hubby made a tire planter 10 years ago and we plant wild flowers in it every spring.Now all I need is a claw
    foot bath tub. I just got an old boat for free and I'm going to plant flowers in it this spring.



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