Monday, June 28, 2010

The Object of My Desire: A Room to Go

Even though my birthday isn't for another four months, my sister bought me a new dining room suite from the driveway at a garage sale in Independence, Missouri. Early one morning last week, I took a spin by myself to see what sales might be taking place in my parents neighborhood. As I went down the hill and I turned the corner of a familiar, childhood street, here's the scene I witnessed:

I couldn't believe the quality of these old Hooker pieces from 1956, purchased at a local furniture store that no longer exists. There's the tall chest; the table, which seats 10 and folds up to 30 inches; and finally the hutch server with a hutch that you can see in the back. I didn't see a single scratch or ding on any of the pieces, and all drawers were in pristine condition and opened with ease.

I quickly jumped back into my dad's mini-van, and went to pick up my sister to show her my morning's finds. (I really didn't consider buying them. I just wanted to show her the fabulous discovery that was just down the hill from her.) We returned, and after visiting with twin brothers who were selling the furniture from their mother who lived to be 100, I fell in love with these pieces. My sister insisted I buy them, but when I said I really shouldn't, she offered them as a birthday present.

For a grand total of $135, I now have a dining room set, even though it is now living in my folks' back bedroom. I always recommend that when shopping vintage and thrift, only purchase what you love. For if you only buy what you absolutely fall head-over-heels for, it'll be easy to make room for it once you get it home, even if it means getting rid of something you already have.

Let's just say that I'll be doing some sorting, some selling and some giving away over the next few weeks until I have space for my new additions.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Congratulations on your score! Isn't it amazing that these pieces are in such good condition, even though they are over 50 years old? Very nice indeed!

  2. Fantastic! Love the chairs too. And that table is very NYC-apartment friendly.


  3. The dining room set is indeed gorgeous and worth making room for. I desperately want a hutch of cabinet like that for holding art supplies. Hopefully a yard sale will bring me one soon...

  4. If the table has clearance from floor to the lowest bottom of the table of 29", I'll gladly buy it from you!!

  5. Great find. It's so nice to be able to get real wood, matching furniture in perfect condition for a song!
    Au Revoir,

  6. You should always listen to your sister!

  7. Loving your new pieces and even more...loving your living without shame to hunt for treasures in people's's no wonder they call you the elegant thrifter! you make it look so classy!

  8. That is incredible. I want that dresser. It is beyond stunning.



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