Monday, June 14, 2010

The Object of My Desire: Milano Memories

Even though objects can never replace the fond memories we have of life's experiences, they can help bring to the present forgotten moments that ring with laughter and surprise. Such is the case with this little plate, "lifted" from the restaurant da Ilia in Milan.

I rediscovered this memento while sorting through some items I left on the Luxor, the old 1966 ChrisCraft we keep out on Long Island. The plate arrived with me from Milan at least four years ago, and went directly from Newark to the boat, where it has resided until this weekend. It was hidden under spare change I had collected over the years, and as I removed the quarters, nickles and dimes, I was reminded by all the fun I used to have at the summer men's fashion shows in Milan -- especially when my pal Bevy Smith was attending.

One night after our traditional night-before-the-men's-shows dinner several years ago, we asked for the bill and it arrived on this plate. I think I said something to Bevy about wanting it, but didn't think anything of it until we got in the taxi and -- surprise -- it was in her bag!

Now, neither Bevy nor I condone stealing, so I just consider this flowered piece of china with gold trim on loan from da Ilia. And when the proprietor decides he needs it back, I'll be happy to return it in person. Just send an e-ticket to my email address, and I'll get packing!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Objects with history that make you smile are the best ones of all. I love this plate story and something similar to it (cheesy fake flowers my friend "gifted" me from a hotel lobby) Ah, memories :)

  2. A 66' ChrisCraft alone would be great memories. Such beautifully crafted boats. I agree there are certain treasures in life that spark a time that we will always hold dear. Such a charming memento. Great week to you ~ deb

  3. Such a great story behind this wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing:)



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