Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fabulous & Frugal Fun: A Toy Story

Don't you love a surprise -- one that's completely unexpected and absolutely takes your breath away?

I shouldn't have been too surprised by Saturday's awe-inspiring discovery when my photographer pal Bob Greenspan and his wife Amy introduced me to David Mansour, a Kansas City resident who is also the author of Abba to Zoom, the must-have encyclopedia of retro culture.

So on a steamy Saturday afternoon, we dropped by David's Mid-Century Kansas City home for a visit....perfectly nice and normal....nothing overly mind blowing until we walked down the hall to a closed door. "I'll let you open it," David offered, and here's what I saw:

Are you gasping? Can you catch your breath? As the fabulous Charles Phoenix would most certainly ask, "Have you passed out yet?"

Just take in this gorgeous sea of Barbies and Kens from over the years dressed in dreamy, fashion-plate finery.

I am bewitched by the display of board games that pay tribute to the most beloved TV shows from the '60s and '70s.

Oh, the tiny Dawn dolls, and the rows of Liddle Kiddles, still inside their bottles that when open, still emit a sweet, plastic-y aroma.

And finally, the overall display is mind blowing. Just look how beautifully David accessorized his collection of lunch boxes by lining them with a dangling row of Pez Candy dispensers.

I'm speechless....

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. how did you refrain from grabbing up things and playing with them? i love it!

  2. I could spend hours in that room! What fun.

    He gave me a good idea for displaying my Pez collection. I have a large collection, but I keep them in a suitcase. They're difficult to display because when one falls down, they all fall down (it's called the "domino effect," but it could easily be renamed the "Pez effect"). I never thought of hanging them. Maybe I'll put up an all-Pez Christmas tree this year!


  3. Wow, What a fun and enchanting place to find hidden in one small part of the world. Thank you for bringing it out for us to see!

  4. That really took me back in time, I had Dawn dolls, and kiddles and flatsies, and of course Barbies,oh and trolls... they provided endless hours of joy!Thanks for taking me back to those simpler times!

  5. oh my...
    oh my..

    this is unreal.
    but it is

    I think i would have passed out walking into a room like that unaware of what was to come behind the door!
    It's like a fantasy, a very lovely fantasy!

  6. Wow
    oh my goodness, i just don't know how you even begin to satrt collecting like this.



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