Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reuse & Repurpose: Keep the Silverware Handy!

A while back I shared a photograph of something called a "spoondelier," a tiered, chandelier of sorts that instead of using crystal pendants, it used, you guessed it, spoons. Well this little number I spied at the Round Top/Warrenton flea market in Texas last fall with my pal LeAnn Stephenson, The Vintage Laundress, and it makes use of the entire silverware drawer.

Why, you could hang it low over the dining table and let people serve themselves. Or maybe you set the table and someone discovers they're missing a fork or a spoon. No need to get up and leave the meal. Just reach right up and grab another.

But you're out of luck if you're looking for a knife. Maybe they have a matching wall sconce hanging out somewhere just for that purpose.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Hi Stan~

    I made one of these with a metal hanging basket that I spray painted and used knives, forks and spoons (found in a thrift store of course) that I wrapped with wire and faux pearls and threw in a few crystals for good measure. It was a big hit!
    I hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

    LuLu Kellogg

  2. Mr. Stan, Thanks for all the inspiration. I've been enjoying your blog and I'm quite impressed. The visuals are wonderful and I always learn something new. Thanks again. If you are ever out in Hollywood look me up, I'll take you shopping.

  3. Hi Stan!
    Just getting back to normal after our busy season.. Love your style and sense of humor, the image in my mind of just lgrabbing a knife from above you head is hysterical..... Enjoyed this! Maryanne:)

  4. Hmmm, I never thought of that! :)
    I have a single tier windchime made from silver spoons and forks that I purchased at a local pumpkin festival years ago. It hangs right outside my workroom door and sounds so lovely in the breeze.



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