Monday, April 5, 2010

The Object of My Desire: A Link to the Past

Last week when we toured visual visionary Michael Quinn's Carroll Gardens apartment, there was one cheery item that caught my eye -- and maybe yours too for a fleeting moment as it flashed by in last week's video.

This delicate woven basket was hand crafted by Michael's mom out of seed packages. If you watch the videos from last week, you'll notice other baskets throughout Michael's apartment, all masterfully woven by Michael's mother.

This colorful craft goodie reminded me of the chewing gum wrapper chains that my sister and I made when we were young. Just like any kid, we loved chewing gum and saved our allowance to buy the treat, not so much for the gum, but also for the varied wrappers. My sister started the chain, and I learned later how to cut and fold the wrappers to make a link and join them into a snaking zig-zag of assorted colors. I can't remember how long this chain ended up being, but it seemed like we worked on it for years. I seem to recall it ending up on the Christmas tree for at least a couple of holidays.

I remember that even though the wrappers were void of their contents, they still smelled sweet of Juicy Fruit, Double Mint or Beach Nut, the latter of which came in striped fruit flavors. The aroma from the wrapper was very similar to that of the interior of my Grandma Churchill's purse, which always seemed to contain a package of gum ready to pacify some anxious kids who couldn't seem to sit still during church. Would one of those be me?

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter

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  1. Oh goodness, thanks for the memory! Paper chains, and yes, the smell of a purse...double mint for sure!

    Thanks for sharing.




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