Friday, April 9, 2010

The Gift of Thrift: Not for Mary Poppins

We had so much windy rain last month that the sight of dead and destroyed umbrellas in the street was a familiar one. While I'm accustomed to seeing the rain protectors turn inside-out in a gust of wind, blow across the street and get trampled by an oncoming vehicle or completely fail to open in a downpour, I've never see quite a gathering of metal and plastic all in one place. Apparently, I was not alone, as there were at least five other people standing in the misting rain snapping pictures of these misfits.

And even in the most heavy rain, I wouldn't suggest trying out one of these. But you might say they do make a rather surprising piece of street art.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Thank you for sharing this photo, what an expressive way to show the "destructive" nature of mother nature!

    Made me smile.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. How crazy that people decided to create their own little umbrella graveyard on the street! Actually a cool photo though, signs of the times... Theresa

  3. Haha The picture and post titled made me laugh out loud! I have a NY umbrella story! The last time I was there in 2008, the 2 other times I had been to the city the weather was BEAUTIFUL! There was a 10% chance of rain for the week, so I didnt bring an unmbrella... well that friday if POURED rain, I remeber not being able to enjoy the fact I was standing infront of THE (honest to god) BLOOMINGDALES Because the Water was knee deep on the side walk and I was soaked! So I purchased a $5 umbrella out in front of Radio City, went to open it and IT BROKE! haha I was so mad, but lucky me I got to go to H&M and get soem clothes before going to see "Curtians" at the Neil Simon (we sat 2nd row center!) :) GOD IM SUCH A TOURIST! haha

  4. Hilarious picture and perfect title!

  5. That does make an artistic statement, but did you have snow flurries? Yesterday? We did, in the Pacific Northwest!

  6. I think it looks fantastic. That's something that you might see in my very rainy city of Vancouver.
    Have a good weekend!



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