Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reuse & Repurpose: Divine Decor

I recently headed out to Jackson Heights, Queens to stop in on my pals Robert and Fabian who've worked wonders on discarded objects and turned them into provocative home accessories.
This gigantic key was found lying on the street in the East Village. They tossed the old locksmith sign into their car, carted it back home and leaned it in the entry area of their apartment.
Here's literally a piece of trash that was transformed into a geometric objet d'art trouvé. We found this cut-up slab of metal together protruding from a dumpster of a construction site was right next to their Miami apartment. Look at the image closely and you'll note a bit of the metal track from an amazing, custom-made metal shelving unit that was salvaged from a clothing shop on South Beach.
And finally, the head from a Roman bust adds intrigue to an already appealing table setting. He looks completely at ease among the elegantly mismatched candlesticks and casual sprays of pink and white orchids.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. I love what they've done with their place! Very clever decorating.

  2. Hello Stan -- Thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. And I apologize for being slow in responding. We were so excited to be included in FMS; Linda (Crispell) has been a client for several years, and it was so kind of her to think of us. Glad you saw the mention of your book. As a former librarian, I always appreciate a design book that's fun to read, as well as to look at. Come visit us again. All the best. P.S. Love all the repurposed items in your post -- "found" is a favorite category for us.

  3. Hello Stan,
    I love how the everyday ordinary is transformed into something extraordinary!!
    Happy Spring!

  4. Wonderful eye for what others might consider junk. I love that key!



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