Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quinn-Essential Video, Part I

When I decided to take a video tour of the amazingly talented Michael Quinn's Carroll Garden's apartment, I should have realized that everything I wanted to share with you wouldn't fit in just one blog post, let alone a short video. So as soon as I started photographing and video taping this decorating and entertaining visionary who shares my fascination for vintage and thrift, I quickly realized that even a week dedicated to Michael's many talents (Add Bollywood dancer to the list!), would leave the topic short shifted.

Here's the first part of "Quinn-Essential," a video tour of Michael Quinn's awe-inspiring home. Come back tomorrow for part two!
Always Frugal, Always Fabulous,

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Oh My Gosh, Stan, I LOVE him! LOVE HIM! What a treasure this apartment is, I am loving going through it, via video, with the two of you! And that NATIVITY! Does he keep it out all year long? I might have to steal that idea. Seriously loving it.

  2. Oh my goodness, his home is amazing! The mantle was my favorite.

    Stan, you have made me want some pineapple now after seeing that delicious looking cake!

    LuLu Kellogg

  3. Okay, I'll admit, you had me at Bollywood dancer! ;-)




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