Monday, March 8, 2010

The Object of My Desire: Reflections

Mirrors are magical objects. They can reflect beauty from across the room, happiness in a person's face or add light to a dark and gloomy corner. Since the only images they are capable of projecting are what we put into them, mirrors should be placed with care. For even when arranged with all the best intentions, they can easily cast a vision that's full of clutter or that's unpleasant to embrace.

I am always inspired by the photo I took of this mirror in the hallway of my Croatian friend Marino Krstačić-Furić. Despite the fact that this mirror is cracked, which for some could represent the arrival of bad fortune, this one, instead, is transformed into a canvas of opportunity displaying hope and joy.
Marino drew attention away from the mirror's cracked corner by covering it with a duo of framed prints: one of peppy, colorful exclamation points and another of a dark forest. And when you study the reflection further, you take away a bit of Marino’s hopeful attitude. At the top of the picture of Marino's looking glass, you'll notice a tried and true symbol of luck leaning against the floor molding -- a rusty old horse shoe!

Sometimes we choose to ignore what the mirror is capable of telling us and become distracted by what we view as ugly or hideous. Beyond that cracked image is there a patina of beauty? A twinkle of hope? Look closely. It might be right in front of you.

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