Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Fridays: From the Compactor Room

While I may be slashing my budget right and left these days, it seems like I can hardly toss out a bag of garbage without finding a treasure -- or in this case a bag full of treasures -- right down the hall from my apartment.

So here's the take:

Two little cups with three matching saucers marked "Matte by Summit" and made in Japan,

A barely used and completely clean cast iron pot, perfect for slowly melting butter

And finally, a madeleine pan, still labeled with its $25 Dean & Deluca price tag!

If you have a free or found item you'd like to share, send me a picture and tell me your story at theelegantthrifter@

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Those avocado-green cups would look great in a Brady Bunch kitchen.

    I sometimes use a madeleine tray in my nonworking fireplace: I put a tealight or votive in each indentation, and voila, a roaring fire!

    btw: Wait till you see the photo of what I dragged home from 57th Street last week.


  2. I am pretty sure that I need to move to your building....happy friday! smiles.

  3. Love those cups!! You scored well! I wish I had better dumpsters to rummage!

  4. i just love a good find... of any kind.. i found a fabulous pair or green velvet chairs near soho once... i hailed a cab, when i asked to take them to 65th/3rd he sped off. i could not leave them so i hailed another cab... this one stopped.. i asked.. he was ready to hit the gas and i gave him an extra $20 to do it. we get to the address, my friend's very nice doorman building, they look at me like i have 2 heads. i ask to put them in storage overnight and MUCH to there dismay they allowed it. it goes on and on... i could not get them home to seattle (i was leaving the next morning no time) so they live with a friend's friend in nyc ... i think of them often and wish i had made other arrangements - would love to have them... but the friend is no where to be found... it still is one of the most crazy things i have ever done... and dont we all when we can't let the "strays" go??? so happy to have found you... x pam

  5. WOW! What great free finds, I am impressed!!

  6. Reminds me of the high rise apt. trash room that was like visiting Christmas morning. I had a knack for knowing when to take out my trash. Now, in my garden unit I did find 2 cane chairs, a dresser mirror and a shelf-have passed on a lot, and was frustrated that I didn't have anyone to help me carry a perfect white dresser up 2 flights. What amazes me is how people throw out stuff-and how my neighbors don't seem to trash pick. Great find, enjoy and pass it on, you know?

  7. hi stan,

    i thought you might be interested in a contest i am having over at The Sale Rack...whoever submits the most creative solution to saving money wins a beautiful personalized leather journal--similar to fabric designer Kathryn Ireland's!

  8. I just found your blog and I love it. Thank you for great ideas. I will order your book today.
    Mary -

  9. My home is furnished with many dumpster finds in the neighborhoods surrounding Ohio State University. Lamps and a beautiful antique dresser have been my best finds! Love the blog---

  10. I was having a yardsale last weekend and a man that owns storage units in our town came by and said he had 2 storage units of things I could have if I could get the stuff out in one week. FOR FREE!!! I got it out in 3 days with the help of my mom. Much I gave away. A lot of the furniture, books, tools and household items I sent to auction. The only thing I kept was a beautiful vase, 2 seashells and a bench. I should say the bench. I was looking at Eddie Ross's blog a couple of weeks ago and he showed a before and after of a 4 seater bench. I drooled. The first thing I saw when I opened up the second storage unit was a 2 seater bench like the 4 seater Eddie had. I will send a picture of the bench and the most beautiful vase I have ever seen and they were free!!! I am going to do a before and after shot in a couple of weeks of my recycled bench on my blog.



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