Friday, January 8, 2010

The Gift of Thrift: A Shell of a Deal!

I love it when I am able to offer a thrifty gift where the recipient finds difficulty in realizing its lowly origins.

This intricate shell encrusted vase was found for next to nothing at the Fort Lauderdale Faith Farms Thrift Store.

In exquisite condition, the bivalve shells are carefully placed to create balance and harmony on this textural treasure.

Have you guessed what it once was? I myself wasn't sure until I tipped my budget-friendly find over to discover that it had once been a beer bottle.


Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Stan, that would be a Michelob beer bottle, used them in the 70's as candle holders with wax dripped covering (please don't laugh to hard :) - G.

  2. Greetings Stan,

    I apologize for the delay of my reply to the immensely kind comment you left back in December on Chronically Vintage. It was a joy to highlight your superb book and an ever greater one to receive a message from the author himself.

    I appreciate your visit very much and sincerely hope 2010 is off to a magnificent start for you.

    Best wishes for a year of immense happiness & countless amazing finds,

  3. And might I add I paid 75 cents for this beer-bottle beauty?

  4. That is HYSTERICAL! And for 75 cents? Now that is unique!

  5. I love anything shell encrusted!
    A good find in my book :)

  6. I guessed beer bottle before you said it! LOL...that means I recognized the shape..yep that tells you about me. Love the shells on it and for 75 cents such a find...get it? Ok, I know I'm not that funny this morning, I need more coffee!

  7. fan-flipping-tastic! and those shells make me feel warm on one of the coldest days on record here in kc! [warm enough to enjoy a michelob!]



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