Friday, January 29, 2010

Free Fridays: With a Dash of the Gift of Thrift

Maintaining positive thrift karma is indispensable when you're on the hunt for fabulous finds -- especially the ones that cost absolutely nothing at all. Even as we shop for vintage and thrift, if we take the time to learn the stories behind the objects that call our name, aren't overly greedy about swooping up everything in our sight and sincerely engage the vendors who are offering these enchanting objects for our delight, we are creating lots of good vibes that the thrift gods won't ignore.

Take for instance the incredibly talented Mick Jordan from Everyone Goes To Mick's. He's the guy I told you about a while back who, by himself, refurbished his Diversion Lake, Texas, cabin and transformed it into the Casablanca Hotel and Resort, complete with its own drive-in movie theater. He told me the story of how he frequents an incredible antique shop in Wichita Falls called The Antique Wood, where he purchased his 1954 stove at a really sweet price.

He always makes it a point to take his friends to this treasure-trove-of-a-find, since its quality of merchandise is difficult to match. And of course, Mick's not the kind of guy who shops somewhere looking for freebies (Now that would be an example of BAD thrift karma!), but he was awfully surprised when they were recently offered -- twice!

"The last two times I have gone into [Glenda Tate's] shop, she has 'gifted' me things," Mick told me." The first Gift of Thrift that she gave Mick was a vintage, shell-back lawn chair that he had been "circling like a shark." He said he was taken off guard, but happily took the shell-backed chair home and painted it pink to please a young lady.

Then not long ago, he ventured back to his favorite shopping spot and was caught off-guard once again. "We were chatting about things we both collect, and I mentioned that I was on a chalkware kick. All of a sudden her eyes lit up, and she said. 'Well I've got something I'm going to give you.'" She then produced a tiny chalkware dog that she handed to Mick. "I call him Spot, and just like that, he was mine," Mick says.

Creating good thrift karma goes both ways: the shop owner solidified her relationship with a loyal customer, and Mick took home a small token of her appreciation, reminding him of all the amazing goodies for sale at her shop.

Now if you look closely at the photo Mick sent me of his new pet, you might notice that Spot is resting atop an old vinyl recording of "Where Has My Little Dog Gone?"

I think I know where he is!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. Go Karma! Mick, Glenda and you got it goin' on!!!


  2. Lucky Mick! I must need to create a little more "thrift karma" as you call it!

  3. Fantastic post as always Stan!

  4. Never thought I'd say this, but I guess I have to plan a trip to Texas. That antique store sounds really cool. And, even though I'm neither young nor a lady, I want to sit in that chair.


  5. I am catching the vapors and swooning over that pink chair!

  6. Love that pink chair and those drive-in movie speakers! laurie



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