Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mystery Giveaway: Clue Number Three

To nudge you along toward guessing the mystery gift I'm offering in my first giveaway ever, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of the kinds of gals who would go giddy-a-gaga over it.

Kate and Cindy from the B-52's would most certainly party out of bounds if they had one of my little mystery gifts. (There's only one, so if they win, they'll have to share!)

Marge Simpson would always look especially alluring for Homer if she had my mystery gift.

Amy Winehouse might not have needed re-hab had she had my mystery gift handy.

Dolly Parton would flip her wig for my mystery gift. (But I bet she has thousands!)

Are you scratching your head in confusion yet? Or do you have a clue? If you need more hints, go back and look at the two previous posts this week for a few more hints. Leave me a comment, and the first one who guesses it wins. The mystery gift will be revealed on December 4, and the winner on December 6.

Oh....and since this is such a silly gift, I've decided to add a personalized copy of The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating With Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details.

The Elegant Thrifter

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!


  1. first guess was obviously WAY off! :-) i'm still not sure what it is, but today i'll guess it is some sort of headband??

  2.'s a vintage wig...
    I hope that's right.....
    I've been all over the place with this one.

  3. Lots of beehives in this clue! I'm holding fast to my previous guess: a plastic hair bonnet.

    I hope I win. Even though I don't have much hair to speak of (on my head, anyway), and I already have a copy of The Find, you never know when I might don a wig, and my book isn't personalized.

    Hope you're having a great trip.


  4. A can of Aquanet Hairspray?

    That stuff will hold a 'do in a tornado!


  5. i don't know stan, but i'm hungry for rock lobster now.

  6. Well I am going to guess a bow maker... the pink ribbon keeps coming back into my head...

    I hope you are having fun making us all crazy... or at least me... LOL...

    Hope you having a great trip...

    Hugs Deb

  7. I'm just going to jump in with my can of Aqua Net and guess a pink beehive wig teased up to here!

  8. Hi Stan,

    Hope you are having a wonderful time in Croatia! I am thinking of you.

    My guess is a TIARA!


  9. I am going to guess a decorative hair clip. Fun contest!

  10. I'm guessing a fall - the hair kind, not the season?!

  11. I am still totally going with the swim cap.

  12. Some of my guesses have already been I am going to say a mirror, maybe a lighted one or a magnifying one.

  13. How's about a rat-tail comb?

    PS: I just took your book out of the library. Inspiring!

  14. A teasing comb? Your still making me crazy though...


  15. I think it is one of those teeny pink, green or yellow plastic totes with a plastic rain bonnet in it - folded just right so that you can never get it back it correctly.



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