Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fabulous & Frugal Fun: Waxing Poetically

This exotic window display in Zagreb, Croatia's most exclusive perfume shop, Institut Parfumeur Flores, so took my breath away that I just had to share it with you again, especially since I found a much better photo than the last.

This ice princess's hair style is created from skeins of rough yarn or thick twine, and her flowing evening gown tailored of silk roses dripped with layer upon layer of white candle wax.

The result is astounding and mysterious, and could easily be recreated for a similar sensation. Imagine the hot romance of red wax trickled upon similarly hued flowers for a sensual Valentine's Day display or the dark, macabre mood of an all-black tabletop. Drip the wax on faux floral creations set in vases, easy-to-clean glass and ceramic figurines, or even on a tower of inexpensive, cardboard, heart-shaped boxes. Add multiple groupings of candles or candelabra in the same color story to heighten the effect.

Rather than relying on a handful of candles to make your wax structure, you might want to buy your wax in bulk and melt it in larger quantities on the stove, for here's a decorating moment where more is actually more!

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. You know I am now kicking myself for passing up a 25 cent HUGE ziploc full of melted/beat up candles yesterday, right? Oh... now the wheels are turnin'...

    THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You for sharing her!

    ;-) robelyn

  2. This is seriously gorgeous.

    I HOPE you took tons of pictures of this creation!

    Thanks for posting, it takes my breath away, to say nothing of your sultry ideas for a Valentine's display!


    Thanks for visiting and supporting my blog, too! and a very happy New Year Stan!



  3. Ohhhh, great ideas! That is a breathtaking display. I will no longer pass up ugly candles at the thrift store. Think of the possibilities!



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