Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fabulous & Frugal Fun: A Croatian Flea

I've traveled to Croatia several times, and always seem to miss the flea market that take place every Sunday in Britanski trg (British Square) of Zagreb, the country's capital city.

Just more than a year ago when I attempted to take in this flea, I came down with fast and furious case of food poisoning that dashed my hopes of discovery, but this time I was fit as a fiddle as I ventured out on a cold November morning to leisurely stroll through tables heaped with home goods, chandeliers dangling from poles, unusual antiques, and oh yes, postcards.

What I realized about flea markets in Croatia is that while the assortment is somewhat different, there's always something familiar about maneuvering through jostling bodies looking for a good deal and the excitement of stumbling upon a true find -- even if it is nothing more than a handful of printed plates from a tome of traditional costumes or a few, ahem, postcards!

But as you know, I go more for the opportunity to see unusual items that I don't get to see everyday. The experience is like a virtual postcard of memories -- one that I can call up anytime I like.

Why, in Zagreb, I felt right at home.

Here's a little video of my adventure.

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

The Elegant Thrifter


  1. o....

    video is great,

    every fashion citizen from zagreb like to come on BRITANAC....suturday fun with frends or family.....

    coffe is great and stuff to....

    next time we need to go on HRELIĆ...


    lijep pozdrav iz RIJeke...

  2. What a WONDERFUL video! I felt like I was there. I haven't traveled too far out of the Midwest, other than Florida and New York a few going thrifting in another country makes me swoon. Thank you for taking us with you to the flea market! I love that vase and the postcards are just wonderful to see.

    Hugs, Sonya

  3. Thanks for the virtual trip! I loved the video - marvelous as usual! I know you must have been in postcard/ephemera heaven, Huh?!

  4. Enjoyed your video so much!
    Makes me crazy crazy nostalgic for all my lovely Croatian memories...oh...

    thanks so much Stan and Veli too for doing such a fab job on that video...feel like I was in Croatieland for a few minutes...miss it so.

    Am so happy to have met you Stan.

    xoxo em

  5. Will a lucky someone get a postcard treasure in the mail????

  6. oh stan, oh stan...
    its so nice to see others how they see my home town, can be flea market, or coffee too...
    many thanks for uploading video...
    your pet shop boy!

  7. I have a cluster of relatives that live in Dubrovnic, and I have an open invitation to visit. I've never entertained the thought that there would be flea markets there, or in Zagreb. It just never occured to me. After seeing your video, I'm thinking about visiting those dear relatives of mine.....



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