Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reuse & Repurpose: Hanging Around

ET Note: Since I'm in Rome today as you are reading this post, I decided to bring back an old piece about a friend in Croatia (whom I'll see in a few days!) who is a master of reuse and repurpose. Oldies are still goodies, right?

Who says you can’t hang a chandelier in the bathroom?

Definitely not Marino Krstacic-Furic, my Croatian friend in whose apartment I stayed on a recent trip to Croatia. Marino saved this shimmering wonder from an apartment that was being re-decorated after being left in a time warp for nearly 50 years.

To help his thrift find ease its way into its future home -- a black-and-white themed bathroom, with the mysterious dark hue on the walls and hand-drawn designs on the windows -- he applied a coat of black spray paint over the old light fixture that was once a tacky gold tone bejeweled with clear glass drops. Marino’s re-do is a real attention-getter, keeping watch from a birds-eye view above your head.

You see its mysterious, regal reflection as you brush our teeth in front of the bathroom mirror or marvel at it as you towel off after a quick shower. What was once most certainly destined for the local garbage heap now resides in a place of honor, thanks to Marino’s expansive imagination and a can of black spray paint.

Just so you know that I'm still thinking of you this Thanksgiving while I'm away, my first giveaway starts on Monday, November 30. Nothing too grand, but a little something I found amusing in Fort Lauderdale, and I hope you will, too! All my best to you and yours....and know how thankful I am for all your visits to The Elegant Thrifter.

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  1. I just discovered ou're in Italy. If you happen to be in Milan, I could show you a couple of thrift shops.
    a new, faithful italian reader

  2. This is wonderful, the story behind, the travels you are at and the great remake by your thrifty and cetainly artistic minded friend! We plan on visiting Croatia next year perhaps! Are you near the Adriatic Sea? Its such beautiful country!
    Can't wait to hear more about it!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
    Just returned from Berlin,Germany with some tears in my eyes!


  3. Happy Holiday to you dear one! Enjoy your trip, can't wait to hear..oops read the details.

    Missed this post about the chandelier in the bathroom, but my oh my, I think this is singularly the most fantastic thing there is! I also have a chandy for the powder room, nothing on this scale, and it has real candles, what a statement it makes!

    Ta-Ta For Now... Bon Voyage!

  4. Antonella,

    Thank you for your message. When I worked in fashion, I was in Milano two times a year. Since it was so busy, I never had the time to do any vintage shopping, but I did love the city, and that's one of the very few things I miss from my old job.


    I have been to the Adriatic several times. It is my favorite part of Croatia. While Dubrovnik is nice to see, it's become so touristy that it has felt like Disneyland on the past couple of visits. Last summer, we toured Istria, which was the best visit I've ever had. Amazing food, wonderful people, all the beautiful islands. Today, we are on our way to visit friends and family in Zagreb. It's so different than the coast.

    Thank you for your comments! Stan



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