Monday, November 30, 2009

Mystery Giveaway: Clue Number One

Since it was just Thanksgiving, and just to show how thankful I am for all of my blogger friends who have supported me in my pursuit of all things thrifty, I'm presenting my very first giveaway.

The rules are very simple. Each day I will give you a clue to help get your creative juices flowing. The first person who leaves a comment with the correct answer will be the winner, but the prize will not be revealed until December 4.

The prize is not a grand object, but something I found to be funny, and does provoke many memories from my childhood.

Keep in mind that I won't be able to announce the winner until December 7. By the time you read this, I will be in Croatia, just having left Rome for a few days. But I didn't want you to think I had forgotten about you, since I never do, so let's start with Clue Number One.

While in Fort Lauderdale, I visited Faith Farm Thrift Store, a crazy thrift-o-rama the likes I've never experienced. As soon as I walked inside the main building and went up the stairs, I experienced the thrift trance when I spied six cardboard boxes overflowing with party goods and other odd objects marked half-off. I dug through Christmas name cards, party horns and bundles of paper streamers until the mystery item appeared and took my breath away. I whisked it away with a huge roll if pink ribbon for a grand total of 75 cents.

Oh, and it's right here, inside this plastic bag.

Any wild guesses?

The Elegant Thrifter

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!


  1. hmmm...some sort of dancing/singing santa claus doll? have fun in Croatia!

  2. Hope you are enjoying your amazingly awesome vacation!!!!

    Is it a vintage Santa Claus!!

  3. One of those felty elves that sits on a shelf.

  4. I like about 10 blocks away from that thrift store.

    I guess Santa door stopper.

  5. Oh wild guess is right! Not a clue to be found that I can tell! So wild it is... A tree topper?

    Stan, you're just oodles of mean for hardly hinting!

    But I love you!

  6. Stan I hope you didn't hurt yourself thinking up a clue there... cause you are hurting my brain trying to figure this out... I think the clue is taking your breath away so I would guess some kind of party horn you blow or maybe a harmonica...

    Hope you having a fabulous holiday.... Hugs Deb

  7. ok dear man i am living vicariously through your travels. since you are one of my fave bloggers, please send me your mailing address so i can send you something :) GIO

  8. If I win, I guess I'll have give my anonymity at long last. Is it a box of unused Christmas cards?


  9. Oh, darling, it so hard to guess, since I have no clue what could a boy in America in the 60's have liked so much....childhood memories...Hmmm?
    A game...a tinker toy, a mechanical monkey on a bike?
    Have fun, wherever you are!


  10. Ah-ha! There are clues, but it will become much clearer as the days go on. As for Lurky, I'm certain we can find some anonymous drop spot for your mystery gift should you win. Stan

  11. Okay, how about a wiglet?
    A bonnet hair dryer?
    Vintage eyeliner?



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