Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reuse & Repurpose: Hello Kitty!

When you go to an estate sale in LA, you never know whose it might be. So you can imagine how surprised I was to find myself in the home of Kitty Bartholomew, famed decorator and HGTV star, as she was selling off a bit of her fabulous fare in preparation for a move to a new home.

As she moved from room to room, she pointed out items that were made for "certain" celebrities -- names all to big to be revealed here. But I did get a good look at a chair that she made on the Oprah show out of belts all latched together to cover the seat. And then there's the fabulous valance crafted out of men's ties.

Pretty, Kitty!

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Come see me tonight, October 1, in Cincinnati, Ohio, for a big event celebrating the season premier of Great Lifestyles Today at Bova Contemporary Furniture! Reserve your ticket now!


  1. Oh My!! How exciting to be in the home of Kitty Bartholomew!!! I LOVE her fun thrifty ideas :) Did you purchase anything??? That chair is too wonderful :)
    Toni - The Tattered Cottage

  2. I did not buy anything -- I was too entranced by the gorgeous home. And Kitty couldn't have been more lovely as she scuttled about re-arranging her items and chatting with people. My shopping pals bought some candlesticks and a belt! That is why I adore attending garage sales, estate sales and tag sales in Los Angeles. You just never know whom or what will surprise and delight. Stan

  3. I loved Kitty Bartholomew's show. She always had such great ideas and the glimpses of her home were charming. What a treat. I didn't get to Bova tonight to meet you. (the only reason I was going in the first place) My daughter had a must do for school that totally changed our plans. I did a bit of a post about it and you for tomorrow. I was so bummed! (but couldn't let her know that) Hope it was a nice event, Pam

  4. Now that sounds like lots of fun! I can promise you I've never been to an estate sale quite that ritzy in central NJ - although really I'm not sure why, certainly there must be some around - there are some very exclusive areas!



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