Monday, October 12, 2009

The Object of My Desire: Take a Spin

While perusing the wares sprawled out for miles around during the recent Texas Antiques Week, I was captivated by this vintage stadium turnstile sitting among rusty old wheels and metal scraps in the middle of a field.

Even though this model probably dates back to 1950s, it still brought back so many memories of summer fun: waiting in line for a ride at Worlds of Fun, walking through the front entrance of the Kansas City Zoo, or even attending a Kansas City Royals game with my family. And I'm sure I even got into some turnstile trouble a time or two for hanging on the revolving arms or irritating my sister by trapping her inside. You know how kids are.

I think the vendor was only asking about $65 for this incredible piece, but I couldn't imagine hauling it back to New York where this lovely metal piece was made many years ago. And once I got it back North, what would I do with it? I don't have so many guests that I need to control the crowd. Hmmm, could I fix the turning device and make it into a table? Or could it be electrified and refashioned into a chandelier?

I passed on this glorious, eggshell blue memory maker, and when I went to visit it the next day, it had spun away with someone else! I wasn't disappointed, for I got to give it whirl in a field in the middle of Texas -- and take it's picture in this unusual locale. Now what are the chances of that ever happening again?

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  1. Oh Elegant Thrifter,

    I need your support. Please defer to today's post on The Thrifty Chicks,

    I would be honored if you could back/plug me with a post tomorrow. If not I certainly understand.

    Shopping Golightly

  2. I have a dear friend who has a very large male child that got stuck in one of those and the fire department had to cut him out... at the entrance of a store. I chuckle every time I walk through it, now repaired.

    Thank you for you comment and following along in my journey.



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