Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Find: Don't be a Thriftzilla!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you'll most certainly be rewarded when you consistently create positive, thrifting karma.

I know, I know. We all have moments when we turn into Thriftzillas -- the glutenous thrift hoarder gobbling up all kinds of shiny goodies in our paths. We see all kinds of objects that tempt us with their inexpensive prices and vintage charm, all of which triggers that collecting mechanism that makes us want to own it all. Sometimes we feel like grabbing everything laid out in front of us, quite often leaving nothing for the next poor soul just looking for a little thrifty morsel or two.

See, I even gave you a picture of what I imagine Thriftzilla looks like just to keep you scared.

Sometimes it takes enormous willpower to remain patient -- and stay generous. Save up that thrift good thrift karma, for you never know when you'll need to tap into that extra boost, especially when you find yourself in the situation of discovering an item that seems to have come from a set-- say an odd lamp or a charming piece of furniture -- only to wonder, "Will I ever find my beloved discovery's mate?" Most often, you will -- and it will probably happen when you least expect it and most likely in an unanticipated locale. If you're not a Thriftzilla, patience and persistence will pay off along your thrifty journey to bring you that missing treasure.

Just witness this crazy 1970s dresser that Bob Greenspan photographed for The Find: The Housing Works Book of Decorating With Thrift Shop Treasures, Flea Market Objects, and Vintage Details in the Los Angeles home of Jonamor D├ęcor's Senor and Jonona Amor. And where did I spy this potential pairing? At a Housing Works store here in New York! It's the credenza from the same family as the dresser Bob shot for The Find, and it appeared right in front of me, thousands of miles away.

Keeping my inner Thriftzilla at bay!

The Elegant Thrifter

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!


  1. Good things always come to good people...and those with a sharp eye!

  2. Yes, feel free to re-post. As you can tell, I love the whole world of Thrift. : )

  3. Thanks. Great blog. I think you are my "first" from New York. I am a patient thrifter, though sometimes it hurts. I noticed on that wonderful funky dresser, a ceramic head. I found one at the Portland Expo show and have kept it for myself. Do you know what it is called. A piece of it was broken, but I glued it back and it blends in with all the other cracks...anyway..thanks for checking my blog. If you get up this way, be sure to come and say hi.

  4. That is very cool! I had something similar happen, albeit on a smaller scale, with a pair of lamps. One we picked up at a garage sale and it's mate we found at a thrift store 2 years later.

  5. Love you! I will try not to be a thriftzilla!

  6. Thriftzilla is stronger than me... I can't hardly over P O W E R him....Okay yes, I can, but it is difficult and I have to want to and he is a stalker and lurker...When shopping with my sister it is not possible... she talks me into stuff...bad sister.

  7. that credenza is to die for. I too find that I must "save" anything vintage as if it is about to go to the garbage heap. It's often hard to leave something old behind.



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