Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Find: Street Music

If I could remember the lessons I took back in grade school, I might have been able to tickle a tune out of this this miniature keyboard I spied on an East Village street the other night. There's a "Liberty" label on the top left corner of this musical marvel, but an exhaustive search turned up few clues regarding this unusual discovery.

The piece was about four feet wide three feet high and had a lid that closed, making it perfect for a funky side table or night stand. You could also just leave it open, mount a lower shelf in the interior and make it a plant stand, since it had already been stripped of its musical guts.

What's more, you can see that it has a "free" sign posted on it, just in case you didn't know it was discarded by the big, black garbage bags it leans against.

Now, what would you do with this street find?

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  1. How about a piano bar? Sorry, I have a cold and have been hitting the Nyquil, but seriously, what a cute rest for cocktail glasses. I can't believe it was at the curb!

  2. Side table or night stand.... you got it! That is just way too precious, congrats on an AMAZING free find, my friend! Hope all's well!

  3. How could I have missed the obvious! Piano Bar! Love it!

  4. I really hope you picked it up and took it home! How cute :+) Let us know what happens......

  5. Love Frippery's idea of a piano bar! I would decoupage the inside lid with sheet music and think about placing piano keys somewhere on top or sides if you still have them. Would love to see the finished product! Cheers,
    JR Nuerge



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