Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fabulous & Frugal Fun: Little Red Riding Hood & A Cow

Garage sales are my favorite places to find treasures, even when I'm not really looking for them. That was the case on a recent visit to the Santa Monica when I found not one, but two pieces, that tugged at my heart and called my name. The first discovery was a cow motif pitcher, that I hesitated when the seller wanted $10. When I got to a computer, I learned that my find originally came from the Old MacDonald Collection made by Regal China in the 1950s.

My second purchase put me back $5. Now there are tons of Little Red Riding Hood cookie jars available, some vintage, and some new, but from my quick research on the Internet, I believe that this one is one of the Hull-Ware originals, based on the markings on its base and the glazing inside the lid.

Regardless of their resale value, I hit the jackpot. The pitcher reminded me of my Grandma Churchill's milk barn in Southern Missouri. And Little Red Riding Hood made me think of the many times I tried as a kid to slip out a sweet from the cookie jar atop the refrigerator without my mother hearing its lid rattle.

Either way, I hope your enjoy the video of my journey and a transaction at two garage sales that took fewer than 15 minutes!

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The Elegant Thrifter

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!


  1. OH!OH!OH! I am LOVING both of those finds. And I LOVE how you took us thrifting out in Cali.

    Even though you mock me with your "work" down in Texas. Twist the knife, baby.

    :) Sonya

  2. Wow Stan, You really scored big. That pitcher is darling, I love the colors. I am an absolute Red Riding Hood nut. I collect anything with Little Red. Such a timeless, dark fairy tale. See you at Bova tomorrow night!!! Pam



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