Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fabulous & Frugal Fun: Call Me Invincible

Serendipity strikes when you least expect it, such as it did when I was lunching with my pal Deb Kelt and her family at a Mexican restaurant in Austin a few weeks ago. As we were waiting for our table, I noticed this poster, and was disappointed that the concert date for the "Call Me Invincible" tour -- one that features both Blondie and Pat Benatar --was more than a month after my departure from Texas.

You might not realize it, but I've lived many lives and have mingled in all sorts of social scenarios. And while I adore Dolly Parton and my tame thrifting and quaint crafting. I have a nip of rocker blood in me.

When I saw the poster in Austin, I was immediately reminded of the first Pat Benatar concert I went to back in 1981. It was the "Precious Time" tour, and I'm sure that I was standing on my seat in the lower level of Kansas City's Kemper Arena yelling out the songs just like the rest of the crowd. I treasure the baseball T-shirt that I bought on that September evening so long ago, and on very special occasions, I'll wear it out on the town. (Always, I'm asked where I got it, and I respond," At the concert, of course," thus dating me back to the Dark Ages! )

So imagine the thrill I got when I found out that the tour is coming to New York -- totally free and in the retro-tastic Coney Island. I'll be there tomorrow, sporting my T-shirt, a little less hair on my head and a little more creaky in the back, rocking out and reliving my teens for a brief moment. As the song says," Life is too short, so why waste precious time."

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Programing Note: If you missed me on the New York edition of Open House,on August 9, watch it by clicking the following link:
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  1. You are so lucky. The tour comes here to Cincinnati Saturday night and I can't go because of a prior engagement. They are playing at Riverbend which is next door to our Coney Island. Funny coincidence. Have a great time!

  2. I'd wear that cool shirt, too. What fun to see them in concert. Have fun!



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