Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reuse & Repurpose: Scene Stealer

During a visit to my local Housing Works Thrift Shop, I was enchanted by this old film projector, complete with its own speaker system built right into its carrying case. This vintage piece of technology brought back fond memories of  watching films in the deep, dark basement of Hanthorn Elementary School in Independence, Mo.

The movies were usually of the nature sort -- an undersea adventure with sharks and octopi, polar bears romping in icy Alaskan waters, a space-age voyage of the galaxy -- or a historic documentary where actors portrayed people like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. I never remember seeing a film-film with a real plot or a story, with the exception of a rare Disney flick that the teachers had found for a very special occasion. I do recall, though, that when the projector stuck, it was a major catastrophe, especially when the light burned a hole through the frame, thus bringing our movie-watching break to a sizzling stop.

When I saw this projector, I started tinkering over its potential uses. Of course, you could use it as is and watch a film, if you happened to be able to find one. But why not use it as a decorative element in a home theater, or make it the centerpiece of an Old Hollywood Oscar party?

Any ideas?

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With my mind flickering -- The Elegant Thrifter

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