Monday, May 11, 2009

The Object of My Desire: Music to My Ears

One of the most influential periods in my life was spent studying at the University of Bordeaux in France. It was the farthest I had ever been away from my hometown of Independence, Missouri, and each day was an adventure, from learning the French language and figuring out the local bus system to being exposed to a lifestyle oceans away from the one I was accustomed to.

I quickly found that I loved French pop music -- with lyrics just as silly as the ones we have in the U.S. And the stars! Princess Stephanie de Monaco (badly) singing about a hurricane and
Indochine, the French version of Depeche Mode.

However, Arnold Turboust with his song Adelaïde has always held a special place in my musical repertoire. The summer I was leaving, I saw the video on French MTV of the curly-headed guy singing about being rebuffed by a pretty girl who was obsessed by a furry puppet, and could care less about him. I immediately went out and bought the 45rpm.

Years pass and I'm searching all over iTunes for the song, but can only find the video. And one day on FaceBook, I see Arnold Turboust listed. Thinking I'm joining a fan page, I send a friend request, and get Arnold directly. We've become FaceBook friends and have even tried to meet in Paris, but our schedules (and phoning) just didn't seem to work out.

Since we hardly ever play vinly records anymore, why not decorate with them?! As a decorative accent on the corner of my desk, I keep Adelaïde in a glass box that used to be a vase but now
holds inspiration that I glance at during the day while I'm at the computer. The 45rpm lives with a photo of a dear friend's twins taken a few years back and a program from the Kehinde Wiley exhibit I saw at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

Since, I found the song on a compilation CD I found in Paris and listen to it regularly. And how it take me back....

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Je chante en français -- The Elegant Thrifter, Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

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