Friday, May 1, 2009

The Gift of Thrift: Use Your Best Every Day!

Who says you can’t drink out of crystal and eat with silver forks and spoons everyday. If you shop in a thrift shop for your dinnerware, then you absolutely can, and should.

Even though you should be aware that a dishwasher can change the finish of silverware, who care’s if they’re pieces you’ve paid pennies for and they don’t match. In fact, if you’re like my pal Heather Chadduck, editor and style director of Coastal Living, you might prefer the patina it develops after multiple washes in the machine

I’m more careful with crystal glasses, since they can easily be nicked and damaged in the dishwasher. Also, the high temperatures can cause them to crack, just like my old china that I have banned from the dishwasher. But that doesn’t keep me from using them whenever I like. In fact, using my best every day seems to make everything just taste a little better!

A toast to you from The Elegant Thrifter, Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!

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