Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Find: On the Street

I've told the story about this wrought iron chair before, but it's a find that was literally sitting on a Brooklyn Street that my dear old pal Deb Kelt spied, rescued from the garbage and dragged several flights upstairs to her apartment. Sometimes, street finds need some extra TLC, such as a brisk scrubbing or a coat of paint, but this one, and its mate that she discovered at the same time, needed very little refurbishing except for a new seat covering that she crafted out of some fabric swatches she nabbed from the home furnishings publication where she and I once worked.

You might notice that it's actually a garden chair and quite heavy. Oh, I've bumped my head on its weighty scrolled back several times, and you have to get into proper lifting mode to move it acros the room. (The best thing about it is that when you plop down in it, it never moves!) I've since put rubber casters on its feet, since it likes to scrape the floor, and my mother made me some green velvet seat covers to replace the old fabric that stained and tore on its journey to my Manhattan apartment.

I've had these chairs around my dining table for almost 15 years and think about Deb, who packed it up and moved to Austin many years ago, every time I glance at them. So even on a rainy, spring day I have my indoor garden chair that always brightens my mood.

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Dreaming of a cold lemonade -- The Elegant Thrifter, Always Frugal, Always Fabulous!


  1. I can't imagine just finding that SITTING ON THE STREET! Oh to live in NY.

    I want the recipe now for your pototoes, by the way:)

    And I had to tell you your dreaming of a cold lemonade made me think of that Blossom Dearie song "I wish you love" when she wishes him "A lemonade to cool you in some leafy glade..." I can't think lemonade without thinking of that song!
    Enjoy your day, Sonya

  2. Am now just remembering this -- there were two other chairs there too, with arms. I couldn't carry them all so had to leave them behind. This is probably far too sad to post...I wonder who got the other two chairs? --deb



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