Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Find: Comes Alive!

Tonight I'm heading over to the brand spanking new Housing Works store at 130 Crosby street for a meet and mingle full of fabulous shopping! It's from 7 to 9, and will be a ton of fun.

I made a video, which I'll be showing there, and will share 7 easy tips to thrift shopping.

1. Embrace the Unexpected

2. Paint is Your Friend

3. Seek Quality over Provenance

4. Buy and Use As-Is

5. Color -- or Lack-Of -- is a great unifier

6. Start a Collection

7. Turn Clothing into Home Decor.

Robert Elliott at elliottgdesign designed gorgeous slides and was the creative director on this project. And he'll be there, too!

Come by tonight to pick up your own copy of The Find, or visit Borders, Barnes & Noble,Amazon or Powell's.

Feeling a little teched-out today, but ready for a night of thrifting -- The Elegant Thrifter

Always Frugal, Always Fabulous

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